The concept of Cerukins \ˈsē-ˈrü-ˈkinz\  began in 1997 when Sam Cosby’s oldest son asked him to tell him a story.  His son didn’t want him to read a book; he wanted him to make up a story.  The stories were about a boy and a beetle.  Over time, Sam has created an entire universe called The Ceruladons, which is geared for youth and adults.

Sam’s series took another turn when his second son was very colicky as a baby. He was tired of hearing his colicky baby cry night after night. Annoyed by listening to only the sound of a vacuum cleaner, he created melodic harmonies to accompany the white noise. This not only soothed his colicky son, but was enjoyable for him to listen as well. The songs he composed musically depict aspects of the Ceruladons.

Cerukins focuses on infancy and children. It takes stories of The Ceruladons and adapts them for young children. Cerukins also focus on making education fun.  Songs and stories which stick in children’s’ minds with topic such as safety, nouns, vowels, multiplication, and the list goes on.