Press Release: Philasifer

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Michelle Gaillard




SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (February 15, 2013) – On February 15, 2013, Ellisbeetle Entertainment signed Ron “Philasifer” Johnson as Artist, Actor, Emcee, Musician, Producer, Writer, Voice-actor, Composer, and Lyricist. Ellisbeetle Entertainment is privileged to have a multi-talented artist which enhances the company’s portfolio of expertise and services.

Philasifer is based in Gilroy, California. He brings with him over 17 years of experience as an artist. He began his Hip-Hop career in the California Bay Area Rapping and Beatboxing. He has released 8 albums since 2001. His acting career began in 2006; most recently performed in Jekyll and Hyde with the Fifth Wall Theater Project based in Northern California.

“Having Philasifer with Ellisbeetle Entertainment completely legitimizes our presence within the Hip-Hop community worldwide. He is one of the most diverse Hip-Hop artist we have met. He has his own unique style. He can also mimic any other artist within the Hip-Hop community in writing style and performance, if he so chooses.” Sam Cosby, President, Ellisbeetle Entertainment.

Please join us in welcoming Philasifer to Ellisbeetle Entertainment.

BIO – Ron “Philasifer” Johnson

A multi-talented actor, emcee, musician, producer, writer, and voice actor whose sound flows through the mic with infectious grooves and profoundly poetic lyrics.  A listen to his well-crafted recordings delivers a potent glimpse of this artist’s range, depth, and wide range appeal to both mainstream pop listeners and devotees of Hip-Hop. | bandcamp