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  • Lucid Oracle

    From his Pentecostal roots, Indiana and Marine Band musical upbringing, Sam has began his musical journey playing live music for the people. For over 27 years Sam has performed at Gospelfest, Jazz and Blues festivals to Hip Hop concerts opening for Al Green, Blackalicious, Medusa, Abstract Rude and Musab, Afrolicious and The Roots to Jam sessions with Wynton Marsalis, Trudy Pitts and many others. In 2008 Sam began concentrating on his company Ellisbeetle Entertianment, a holding firm for his record, book publishing and audio book companies. His current Jazz/Jam Band Lucid Oracle, which concentrates heavily on improvisation compares to Solive, Martin, Medeski and Wood, Lettuce and Wayne Kranz but also includes a Hip Hop Emcee and DJ when possible. Lucid Oracle explores Jazz and Jam Band idioms while being able to separate and incorporate two genres. Music configurations include but not limited to: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Emcee, DJ and Percussion.

    In 2002 Sam Cosby released the album Blue Dreams Rain to Tears, 2005 Children’s Web Award Winner for the song Lime Green Jeans. Since then, he has been composing and performing children’s music. He has found this genre to be the MOST enjoyable music he has composed and performed to date. Not adhering to current trends within children’s music and being a parent himself; Sam believes that any parent who takes the time to attend his performance should be able to dance, clap and sing-a-along with their child and enjoy it. The Cerukins focuses on infants and children. The educational aspect within the music shows children that learning is fun. Songs and stories which stick in children’s’ minds with topic such as safety, nouns, vowels, multiplication, and the list goes on. THE CERUKINS is a live band that makes music to help kids.

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