The Book Of My Heart

The Book Of My Heart Series

My first thought of this project is definitely not where it finalized. I needed time to wrap my head around the original idea. Most songs takes me a few hours to get in the minset and place where I am "in the moment". This project proved me wrong.  It was difficult and I found myself spending 7 to 15 days per song remembering and emotionally experiencing what I felt withing each song,  in some cases  it was 30 years ago.

At first, I thought that all of the memories were happy. Feels of butterflies skipping around my stomach. Once I got involved in rearranging the music, I found that my memories held a lot of sadness and regret. I had to slow down and reflect on why I felt the way that I did. I took the time to understand what perspective I was then verses where I am now. My first thought was love. I understand, like most people, love takes on many different forms and/or ideas.

There were times in which I would lay on my couch listening to various artists searching for my answers within their music. I discovered the majority of the music I was listening to was gender oriented. They were songs of love about him loving her or her loving him. This idea was so unrealistic that I turned everything off. Love is for everyone and it has no gender.  It is not about him/her loving her/him it is about LOVE!!!!

Music Is a personal experience. It is not gener oriented. I reflected upong this and believing the face that all I need to express is my personal experiences within my life enhanced and encompasses the love for ALL within this album. I give these 10 songs, The Book Of My Heart circa 1988-2015, hoping that anyone who loves and has loved can find something relevant. Love is for everyone! GIVE LOVE...IT IS FREE!


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Special Appearance: ColeBelly

Original Music: Sam Cosby

Vocals by: Sam Cosby

Lyrics by: Sam Cosby | Michelle Gaillard

Produced by: Sam Cosby

Director of Photography: Jolie Gordon | Michelle Gaillard

Art Director: Sam Cosby | Michelle Gaillard

Mix and Mastered by: Matthew Loel T. Hepworth

Special Thanks: 

Michelle Gaillard | Jolie Gordon | Captain ColeBelly | Antoinette Turner |  Brian Pace |  Tommy Benson | Alison Norrington | Matthew Loel T. Hepworth | Hamilton Dcp | Cynthia Leggroan | Katie Benns | Karen Holland | Mone Berlin-Jan | Nate Galvin | Todd Feeney | Darlene Smith |

Gregory Moody | Matt Fawcett


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" A celebration of love, creativity and innovation in music"

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